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Понедельник 15 Июля 2019г.
Внешнеэкономическая деятельность в России и мире
Главная / Новости / Features of Negotiation in Russia and Germany [Особенности ведения внешнеторговых переговоров в России и Германии]

Features of Negotiation in Russia and Germany [Особенности ведения внешнеторговых переговоров в России и Германии]

Features of Negotiation in Russia and Germany
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Since ancient times, international negotiations have contributed to the economic, status and political development of society. Participation in various forms of international cooperation, the need for political interaction, the active development of transnational corporations, etc. made it imperative that the participants of business communication know the national, cultural and other features of their partners.

In Saratov region the interaction between Russian and German representatives is very well developed, so I will tell you about the peculiarities of negotiation and business etiquette in these countries. I compared them in seven categories: greeting, appeal, start of negotiations, behavior, bargaining, uniform and gifts.

The Germans at the meeting and farewell always exchange strong handshakes and direct eye contact. At the same time, they may not smile, because they believe that smiles should be given only to people close and loved ones, and in other cases it is silly and mannered.

In Russia, according to the rules of business etiquette at a meeting the youngest by status must introduce himself to the eldest by status. And the person who takes a higher position first gives a hand for a handshake. Handshake is always done with the right hand. 

Germans appeal to everyone to «You» (with capital letter). Appeal to your German business partners should start with Herr (Mr.) for men and Frau (Ms.) for women. Germans attach great importance to titles, which must be considered when speaking. If the title of the interlocutor is not known yet, then “Herr Doktor” will be properly addressed. The appeal of the doctor will not be erroneous, since this word is widely used in Germany.

Russian, as well as the Germans, refer to «You» to unfamiliar interlocutors.The same appeal is recommended for older people and social status. Russian do not use titles, they are addressed by name and patronymic.

The Germans begin negotiations immediately after the first acquaintance. In order to proceed to the consideration of business issues, they do not need to establish close personal relationships. In the process of discussions, this happens by itself. All issues related to business are discussed gradually. Punctuality is a particularly distinctive feature of the Germans. At the meeting you need to appear a few minutes earlier, otherwise there may be an opinion about the unreliability of the business partner.

Russian begin negotiations immediately too. They try to take a strong position, which is characterized by a significant overestimation of requirements, and they prefer to act cautiously and rarely take risks when solving problems.

During business communication, the Germans behave with restraint, they rarely express any emotions on their faces, they gesticulate a little and listen attentively to each other without interrupting. In Germany, it is customary to express your thoughts directly, of which the Germans are very proud. 

The peculiarity of the behavior of the Russian negotiators is a quick change of moods and attitudes towards the partner: from an extremely friendly position to the official, excluding any personal sympathies. Observing business etiquette, they prefer not to delay negotiations by discussing unimportant topics and try to immediately get to the heart of the matter.

The tactics «from high price to low» does not work for German businessmen. They negatively relate to brisk trade; the Germans respond better to realistic cost. Based on this, it makes no sense to persuade them in something or to apply pressure tactics.

Russians are inferior to foreigners in negotiating skills, as they often do not know «the real price level» and they are unable to articulate the exact price. Thiscauses an adverse outcome of the transaction for the Russians. Also they like to bargain and do it very often.

The uniform of men should be, at least at the first meeting, in the form of a suit and tie, while for women it should be a suit or dress. In Russia for business meetings should follow the same dress code. In the business style denied jeans, cleavage, sports shoes and massive accessories. The colors of business clothes are dark blue, black, gray, brown, beige, blue-green. Men should wear a classic suit and black shoes. Women’s dress code assumes a classic trouser or skirt suit, office dress or a closed sheath dress with a skirt below the knee. Shoes must be closed. In any weather, skin-colored tights should be worn, bare legs are unacceptable.

In Germany, as in many other countries, giving presents is not accepted. Russia has a similar rule of business-courtesy: partners should not regard the gift as a way to influence decision-making.

As we can see Russia and Germany have similar and opposite rules of negotiating. In my opinion, the general rule for all communicators is to take into account the peculiarities of each side.

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Главная / Новости / Features of Negotiation in Russia and Germany [Особенности ведения внешнеторговых переговоров в России и Германии]
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